The Optimistic Illustrator


Ashley Mercer was born in Las Vegas,Nevada. 

Since a young age, she has studied the arts and loved every moment of it. Upon entering high school, she was accepted into the Las Vegas Academy of Performing Arts and Visual Design, where she built strong friendships with her peers. Through the grace of God, she managed to graduate Valedictorian and  was accepted into the Savannah College of Art and Design, where she majored in Illustration.

Through SCAD her eyes were opened to the possibilities for a professional artist. She participated in classes dealing with sequential art, story boarding, children's book illustration,concept design, editorial, advertising, and much, much more. College provided her with unique opportunities and experiences, such as an Off-Campus program in Tokyo, Japan to study cartooning and sequential art. Another incredible adventure was attending the Walt Disney World Imagineering program offered in Orlando, Florida. Ashley made several connections with Imagineers, leading to an opportunity for a paid internship after graduation with the art director of the Magic Kingdom. The internship challenged her to go above and beyond anything she had ever done before. Talk about learning on the job!

“Greater love has no one than this, than to lay down one’s life for his friends.”—John 15:13


Once she was out of school and finished with her internship, Ashley wasn't entirely sure what to do with her career. She dabbled in art shows and freelance for a few months, but found that it wasn't all she had imagined. When January 1, 2013 hit, she realized that she needed to start looking for a steady job. Not even two weeks later, she received a phone call from her home church, Calvary Chapel Lone Mountain. They asked her to come in-- and then offered her a position teaching at the newly developed school (Lone Mountain Christian Academy) as the Jr. High teacher. Needless to say, Ashley was completely unqualified and unprepared for such a job, but where God guides, He provides, and that He did in abundance. Her heart was stirred by the Lord to say yes to the position— and they had her start working the very next week! Never before had she been so excited to wake up in the morning and get to work. Each year since then has been a unique and incredible experience as a teacher. Ashley adores her students and has seen the Lord grow them in leaps and bounds.

In addition to a position as a teacher, the Lord also gave her a chance to use her gifts to serve Him as the graphic designer at the church where she made t-shirts, posters, announcements, retreat graphics, and much more.

Currently, Ashley is preparing for the next season God called her to—A season to return to school. This time, the destination is overseas. The Lord is now leading her to attend Calvary Chapel Bible College in Dumaguete, Philippines where she will spend a year sitting at His feet and studying the Bible in depth. She hopes to grow closer to the Lord during this time and come to have a personal and real relationship with her Savior, Jesus Christ, Who died on the cross for her sins.

Ashley can’t wait to see what God has planned for her future. She will continue to serve Him with her whole life and being, doing whatever He has called her to do.

Jesus loves you!
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